18–19 September 2024 ESA Event

Meet these start-ups in the ESA BIC Village

24 ESA BIC incubatees will showcase their products, services and expertise as part of the Industry Space Days exhibition in the “ESA BIC Village”. Check the floorplan to see when they are exhibiting.

27G-Technology (Hungary)

27G is an R&D company founded to provide state-of-the-art solutions for space and special ground applications. 27G solutions include unique dosimetry and power management devices for satellites and space missions. RadNano is the world’s smallest active radiation monitoring device with TRL-9 space heritage on several satellites, giving operators access to details about the radiation environment.

Arctic Farming (Finland)

Arctic farming was founded by a team of space industry experts with a mission to change how food is produced on planet Earth, and beyond, by allowing everyone to grow food like an astronaut. The company developed a novel indoor farming appliance, Herby, which was co-developed and designed together with some of the best HoReCa and food professionals in the Nordics. The Herby platform is a versatile farming cabinet with direct applications in HoReCa, education, research (e.g. cosmetics and medicine), and in the space industry. (Poland) is set to transform earthquake readiness with its pioneering AI-driven earthquake forecasting system, designed to alert several days in advance, rather than mere seconds. This innovation grants critical preparation time, empowering governments, businesses, and insurers to implement proactive measures that safeguard lives and assets. is more than a product; it’s a groundbreaking approach to natural disaster preparedness and mitigation, ripe for investment.

Coher Sense (Germany)

Coher Sense is about simplicity. Bringing photonics solutions to people and making them available. Three of the most important parameters for lasers – power, wavelength and bandwidth, can now be measured by one small and compact device. All in real time, with no need for complicated lab set-ups and qualified operators; sensing applications are now within reach for everyone.

Nautilus (Italy)

Nautilus is the first European company providing operational navigation services for deep-space missions. Dedicated to enabling the world’s transition from terrestrial to interplanetary markets, Nautilus offers specialised end-to-end flight dynamics services with a focus on SmallSats missions beyond Earth Orbit, spanning from mission analysis and architecture design to operational GNC.

nebumind (Germany)

nebumind offers a data analytics software for automatic quality monitoring and process optimisation. It collects data from machines and sensors online, visualizes them as “digital twins” of the components, and provides them for automated analyses. This helps productions speed up the industrialisation of new manufacturing processes, detect defects early, and adapt productions faster.

North Propulsion (Denmark)

North Propulsion develops high thrust propulsion systems for microsatellites. These increase the productivity of microsatellites by enabling rapid orbital maneuvers. The company’s systems use nontoxic, green chemical rocket fuels that are commonly available worldwide and significantly cheaper than historical high performance rocket fuels.

ThothX Meridian (Portugal)

ThothX Meridian specialises in Space Domain Awareness, providing 24/7, all weather conditions, high precision, unclassified, real-time information on assets in geostationary and geosynchronous orbits over the Atlantic and Europe. As a startup leveraging over a decade of mature radar technology, ThothX Meridian is part of a joint ThothX Global Strategy, to reach complete coverage of the GEO belt.

The remaining BIC Village exhibitors will be added in the coming period.