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16-17 September 2020 ESA Virtual Event

Join ESA’s workshop on Additive and Advanced Manufacturing

During the virtual Industry Space Days on 16-17 September, ESA invites industrial participants to take part in a dedicated workshop on “Additive and Advanced Manufacturing”. The 1-hour session will take place on 17 September at 11:10 and will showcase patents in the area which can be taken up by industry. For all technologies, collaborations and licensees are sought. Licence schemes and financing opportunities will be presented during the webinar.

The workshop will open with an introductory presentation about additive and advanced manufacturing, showcasing ESA’s interests, needs as well as activities in the area.

Afterwards four patents from ESA’s large patent portfolio, addressing additive and advanced manufacturing topics, will be presented in detail:

Method for Additive Manufacture of Metal Alloys 

The method at hand comprises of a nozzle for a laser deposition machine incorporating multiple wire-feeder. This allows a use of the nozzle in combinational metallurgy and additive manufacturing to manufacture samples with widely different alloy compositions.

Contactless Electromagnetic Device for Even Distribution of Nanoparticles in Alloy Matrices

A system for producing Metal Matrix Nano Composites (MMNCs) based on nanoparticle dispersion in liquid metal melts by a contactless electromagnetic device. The contactless approach reduces the risk of contamination, extends the probe time utility and achieves higher temperatures.

Method of Producing Reinforced Metallic Materials

The production method for reinforced metallic components minimises oxidation and removes oxides on the surface of the melt. Furthermore, it increases preform preservation and minimises residual porosity.

Advanced Fluidic Filter

The design of the multi-layer mesh filter for fluids improves the structure, maximizes the surface and prevents particle build up. Through additive manufacturing the filter can be built in a single, monolithic piece while avoiding weld joints.

ESA makes its intellectual property available on a freely-licensed basis to European space companies within its 22 Member States. For use by companies outside of ESA Member States, or for non-space applications, a different licensing model is in place, allowing the Agency to request royalties. More information about patents is available here.

Companies interested to take part in the workshop are invited to register for the ISD at:

After a successful registration and validation by ESA, attendees should access their profile page, click on “Program” in the upper right-hand corner and hit the “Attend” button belonging to the workshop entry to reserve the slot in their ISD agenda (as of 18 August).

During the workshop, participants can send questions to the speakers which will be answered at the end of the session.