Space for
16-17 September 2020 ESA Virtual Event

Meet your perfect match with B2B meetings at the ISD 2020

ESA is providing an opportunity for ISD 2020 participants to benefit from pre-scheduled business-to-business “B2B” meetings with potential clients and partners, including industry and Agency representatives.

The ISD 2020 gathers the European space tech ecosystem under one roof for two days.  In 2018 about 1500 visitors attended the event at ESTEC in the Netherlands to showcase their products, services and technologies and find potential business partners.

The B2B online platform is accessible via the internet and your smartphone, and will be available during the event. This enables you to pre-arrange meetings before the event as a timesaving and efficient way to establish new contacts.

Meetings will take place at dedicated tables in the B2B area or at a participant’s own exhibition stand if they have one. Each meeting will last 20 minutes, held at changing tables. Every 20 minutes a sound will indicate to proceed to the next meeting.

How does it work?

  • Online registration – When registering for the event be sure to open your member area and fill in your profile with your company/organisation information for the online catalogue.
  • Send your meeting requests – About two months before the event and after the online catalogue has been opened, select the companies/organisations you would like to meet with. You can message them justifying why you would like to meet with them.
  • Approve your received requests – Each participant has the possibility of asking you for a meeting. You can either accept or refuse.
  • Receive your meeting schedule – One week before the event, you will receive your meeting schedule, including the meetings validated by both parties as well as the conference presentations that you have requested to attend.