Space for
16-17 September 2020 ESA Virtual Event

The online ISD catalogue is open

Find your match and send meeting requests ahead of the first virtual ISD

In order to take part in the Industry Space Days, to be visible in the online catalogue and to request B2B meetings, we remind you that it is mandatory to complete your online profile (also known as a ‘presentation sheet’). Once completed, it can be submitted for validation. You will receive an email confirming your registration to the ISD.

Remember, a well-completed form helps you to find the right collaborators and to have quality meetings!

When your profile has been validated, you will be able to identify potential partners in the online catalogue and to send meeting requests. Here is your opportunity to meet with potential clients and partners including key representatives from space agencies, start-ups and research laboratories.

Take a look at all participating companies here.

Some tips ahead of sending meeting requests:

  1. Make sure that your presentation sheet is up-to-date. Include what it is that you offer and what your needs are.
  2. Add any unavailability during the ISD in your schedule under “My Schedule”
  3. Decide which parts of the web-streamed ISD conference, as well as dedicated ESA and industry presentations, you would like to attending the event programme
  4. Highlight which presentations you would like to see by clicking on the “Attend” button  next to the programme items in question under “Program” in your profile. Reserved slots for presentations will be blocked in your agenda and no B2B meetings will be scheduled at the same time.
  5. Browse the online ISD catalogue and identify potential partners – use the search function to check if they match your needs. Request a meeting with those participants you would like to engage with.

When inviting someone to a meeting you can send a message justifying why you would like to arrange a B2B. Don’t forget to approve the meeting requests which you receive yourself. Only meetings approved by both parties will be added to your meeting agenda.

B2B meetings are automatically scheduled by the online system used It is thus not necessary to agree on a time as the system will do this for you to optimise the number of meetings you can have per day.One week before the event, you will receive your meeting schedule, including the times of the meetings which were validated by both parties as well as the conference presentations that you registered for.

Should you require any support in filling in your online profile or to schedule B2B meetings, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: or by phone: +33 170614685 (Event registrations and B2B scheduling are handled by Proximum).